Club Membership

Membership in the Owensboro Amateur Radio Club is open to anyone with an interest in ham radio.  The OARC has three categories of membership:  active, associate, and honorary.

Active membership requirements are an amateur radio license in good standing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and payment of dues for the current year.  Active members may vote on all club related business and activities and may hold office within the club.

Membership dues for active members are currently $20.00 per year; however, dues for active members under the age of 18 are one-half the amount assessed to other active members.  Also, if two or more active members reside with the same household, the total dues for the household shall not exceed 150% of the dues for an individual active member.

Associate membership in the OARC is open to anyone, licensed or unlicensed, who has an interest in amateur radio and wishes to support the goals and activities of the club.  Associate members are encouraged to attend general membership meetings and participate in club projects and events, but they do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to hold office or other leadership positions within the club.  Associate membership dues are $10.00 per year.

Honorary membership in the OARC is bestowed upon individuals who have rendered special service to the OARC.  An honorary member shall not vote, hold office or be expected to pay dues.

To become a member of the OARC, attend a club meeting or contact any member of the Board of Directors.