Echolink Information

As most of you are aware, I am providing the Echolink connection to the 145.330 Repeater. It is listed in the index as “W4TOY-R”. It seems to function well from most, but not all, radios. There appears to be a vast difference in DTMF level and tone quality from different radios. That leads to the possibility that some radios may be too loud or have slightly off-frequency tones, that simply will not work right. The Echolink DTMF decoder, does a pretty fair job of decoding most of the different tone levels out there.

Also, in order to eliminate a conflict between the repeater controller DTMF Decoder and the Echolink DTMF decoder, a new control command will be required to dial out on Echolink.

Now to dial out, a “#” (pound sign) must precede the Echolink Command. Here are some examples.

To Connect to a Node Number, dial #node number,
To Disconnect, use the Command “##”
To Disconnect all Connected Stations, use the Command “###”.

There are others listed in the Echolink program, but basically just remember to place a “#” (pound sign) first in the command.

The above applies only to outgoing Echolink connections through the repeater, and in no way affects the way you connect to the repeater over the Internet, from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Thanks, enjoy Ham Radio
God Bless, Art Jackson