Digital Repeater List


Owensboro                147.21+           W4TOY-R

Owensboro                146.55             K4HY-L

Nodes of Interest

147.21                        999345

146.55                        317433

Yaesu Fusion C4FM

No CTCSS tone needed to access Fusion mode.

Entering anything other than your exact callsign in your transceiver’s callsign setting may cause issues.

Owensboro                147.210+

Madisonville              442.425+

Madisonville              147.27+

Henderson                 145.49-

Evansville                  146.835-

Evansville                  443.35+

Evansville                  147.15+

Newburgh                  145.43-

Chrisney                    146.91-

Rooms of Interest

NU4T                        DTMF # 81376           connected to 147.21 repeater

Princeton KY            DTMF # 40806           popular room for KY statewide

Frankfort KY            DTMF # 43405           KY EOC access

IN Link South           DTMF # 43844           many repeaters in IN, IL, WI connected to room

MNWis Fus. Group   DTMF # 21493           popular room, esp. for technical help

America Link Ntwk  DTMF # 21080           extremely popular room

Icom D-Star

No CTCSS tone needed to access D-Star mode.

Owensboro                  TBD

Reflectors of Interest

AG4TY (REF056B)                                       KY wide


No CTCSS tone is needed to access DMR mode.

Owensboro                  444.9625+

Talkgroups of Interest

It is not practical to program talkgroups into a transceiver without the aid of a Windows computer. Several parameters are needed to program a transceiver, including network, talkgroup #, time slot, color code.  (talkgroups are not accessible through DTMF #’s)